If you’ve been following my Facebook page at Talk Time Therapies you will have noted I have begun a series of talk bites on Perfectionism. Please do follow me and share my page with your friends.

The first thing I would like to say about Perfectionism is that it isn’t possible to be Perfect! We are imperfect as people and cannot achieve absolute perfection, no matter how much we try. There have been some amazing and great achievements throughout history in the form of art and architecture, writings and so on, often driven by people with the perfectionist trait. When you are deriving some pleasure from meeting realistic goals then this is a positive and healthy way of being and great things are possible. However, perfectionism in its maladaptive form drives people to attain the unattainable. When we set ourselves standards that are unrealistic and unachievable, we are doomed to failure. The outcome often is that you will achieve less and stress more, the harder you try, the harder it becomes.
If you are self-critical, unhappy, defensive and feeling isolated then it’s possible that you would benefit from talking therapy. Suffering in silence is really not an option! Do get in touch, we want to help.

May 7th 2019

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