Are you feeling SAD?

Stressed: Anxious: Depressed

Talk Time Therapies

Support for Mental Wellbeing

“Mental Health is an on-going process of dedication to reality at all costs.” M. Scott Peck, M.D.

Talk Time Therapies offers professionally facilitated support groups and gentle and empathetic 1:1 therapy in Ceredigion and Pembrokeshire.  

Pembrokeshire Counselling Service

Are you Sad?

Do you suffer from stress, anxiety, and/or depression? Is life passing you by as you struggle to come to terms with these conditions? Our service can help you if you:

  • Feel change and uncertainty in your life
  • Feel like too much is demanded or expected from you by others
  • Have high expectations of yourself
  • Lack purpose and focus
  • Feel under attack from events in life
  • Have lost confidence or suffer from low self esteem
  • Worry all the time
Pembrokeshire Counselling Service

Mental health and emotional problems certainly seem to be on the rise in recent years. With the fast pace of modern life and the demands and intensity placed on us all by society, the media, social media, colleagues and employers, and friends and family, it is understandable that stress, anxiety and depression are felt by many people.

It is easy, especially within rural communities, to feel isolated and alone with our problems, rejected by the traditional system and unable to acquire the help that we need.   We want to help by providing easier access to support and quality help on a local level. 

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The booking process is a simple and straightforward one. It is important to us that should you be feeling isolated and unwell, that we are able to assist you as easily as possible, and within the shortest timeframe. Contact us and we will return to you as soon as possible to arrange an initial assessment of your needs.

Group therapy & 1:1 Support

Pembrokeshire Counselling Service

Group Therapy

We currently offer two different therapy Groups.

  • Professionally Led Structured Groups for Anxiety
  • Professionally Led Semi-Structured Groups for Self Esteem and Confidence Building

Understanding how issues manifest in our lives and how we can work to overcome our difficulties are explored in group. Group therapy is beneficial as it helps you to find your voice, to understand that you are not alone, and that through communication and shared experiences we can help each other to reach better levels of mental wellbeing.

Pembrokeshire Counselling Service

1:1 Support

In many cases a group therapy session is not the best answer. Our 1:1 counselling service provides that important private and safe space for individuals to air grievances and to discuss important issues.

You’ll learn how your thoughts, emotions and behaviours work, how they interact and how you can become locked into a negative cycle of thinking and behaviour as a result. Understanding your own cycles of behaviour can help to unlock a brighter future and put into practise new processes in order to achieve your goals.

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