I’ve been inspired to write about depression following this dreadful week of weather that we are experiencing! On reflection, perhaps ‘inspired’ is not the best of words to use in relation to depression…

It’s easy to bandy around the word ‘depressed’ and often we refer to the weather as depressing or that we feel depressed because of it. It certainly does throw a different light on proceedings as often it stops us from doing the things we love to do especially in the summer time. Beach trips, camping, having coffee outside cafés and various other activities can be halted as a result of a dreary day. Our spirits are, however, immediately raised again once the sun decides to shine.

But, imagine if you feel depressed all the time, imagine what it is like to feel as though the light has gone out of your life? That no matter how much you try to motivate yourself to get up in the morning, to feel good about the day ahead, to just feel ‘normal’ as others do, you cannot? This, sadly, is a fact of life for some people who suffer with depression. A cycle can so easily get under way where depressed mood leads to negative thoughts which in turn leads to reduction in activity and back round to a depressed mood again.

One of the ways to help depression is to begin to challenge the negativity taking place. CBT or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is a widely used form of therapy and research has proved that it can be an effective treatment for depression.

If you find it difficult to see anything positive in yourself, see a current situation in a pessimistic way and anticipate a bleak future ahead then you are thinking in a biased and distorted way and would benefit from therapy. The main thing to keep in mind is that reactivating your life in a positive way is entirely possible and can and does happen!

June 13th 2019

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