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What conditions do we put on both our own life and that of others? In putting a condition on another’s behaviour towards us, are we in fact setting ourselves up for a fall?

March 10 2020

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None of us likes to feel rejected in life. The dictionary defines rejection as refusal · non-acceptance · declining · turning down · no · dismissal · spurning · rebuff · knock-back · repudiation · abandonment · forsaking · desertion.

January 6 2020

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So What is Counselling & Why Might We Need It?

So what is Counselling and why might we need it? Essentially, counselling is somewhere that you can go on a one-to-one basis to talk through the difficulties that you are experiencing. Good counselling offers a SAFE space in which to do this and that is probably the single most important factor – that you, the counselee, feel SAFE.

September 2 2019

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Ethical Counselling?

All counsellors have an ethical responsibility to their clients, some will have signed up to a Code of Ethics with a regulatory body such as the BACP (British Association for Counselling Practitioners), UKCP (UK Council for Psychotherapy), or the NSC (National Society for Counsellors) etc.

July 9 2019

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I’ve been inspired to write about depression following this dreadful week of weather that we are experiencing! On reflection, perhaps ‘inspired’ is not the best of words to use in relation to depression…

June 13 2019

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If you’ve been following my Facebook page at Talk Time Therapies you will have noted I have begun a series of talk bites on Perfectionism. Please do follow me and share my page with your friends

May 7 2019

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