Anxiety & Relationship

Isn’t it interesting that there are more and more difficulties associated with mental health these days compared with say, 50 years ago. Not only are we seeing more difficulties in our communities, we are at the same time, experiencing a health system which is less able to cope. There is a squeeze going on and one wonders where it may all lead to….

I set up Talk Time Therapies in January of this year in the hope of tackling some of the difficulties associated with anxiety and depression. Anxiety is experienced widely and clearly difficult to report as I have struggled to find exact figures for Wales. However, according to the Mental Health Foundation in 2013, 8.1 million people in the UK suffered with the condition, with half being female. As with any diagnosis relating to the human condition, it is always going to be a difficult area in which to collect data but that is nevertheless, a lot of people! What we are clear about is that people come together less often than they used to in days of old where communities knew each other and supported each other during times of trial. Churches and public houses were the go to places and people generally worked locally enabling families to stay together and to support one another. Life has moved on significantly since those days and in my opinion, not for the better. It doesn’t surprise me that we are seeing such a spike in mental health issues when people feel there is more expected of them and that they must perform more and more and yet have fewer outlets to talk and work out their difficulties.

Relationship seems to be key and bringing people into a room together to discuss issues and to realise that others are feeling and thinking the same way is helpful to one’s wellbeing. At Talk Time Therapies we look to understand the anxiety in your life but also to lead you into a more positive frame of mind and at the same time affirm you for the person that you are.

April 8th 2019

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